Christian and Jodie welcome you to our website and hope you will come and experience life in rural Ireland on our family-run farm learning about the cultures and traditions of ancient Ireland through music, poetry, storytelling and visiting ancient sites.

 A Little Bit About Us…

Much to our surprise and delight, our reasons for wanting to purchase Ballaghboy Lodge Farm were for similar reasons that Karen and Eddie (the previous owners for the past 13 years) had when they sought it out and created it back in 2004. We feel honoured and blessed to have found not just a “property”, but thanks to Karen and Eddie’s stewardship, a real hidden gem that has served to bring happiness and delight to so many people over the last decade. Fifteen years ago, Christian and I began to daydream about buying a property in Europe that would allow us to receive guests, meet interesting people from all over the world, share a meal together, all with the possibility of creating lifelong friendships and connections. As the years passed we shifted from fantasizing about a change in lifestyle to making concrete plans for the future. For, just like Karen and Eddie, we too wanted to escape and create a better work-life balance for our family. We are an unplugged media-free family that enjoys surrounding ourselves with nature. On most days, we can be found in the garden, on a walk, tending to our bees, taking a bike ride, bird watching, fishing, you name it. The very best piece of advice we were ever given was when we were living in Munich, Germany, where everyone was always outside no matter how cold or wet. We met a lovely lady while taking a walk one Sunday afternoon and when we enthusiastically expressed our surprise at just how many people were always outside walking, she said to us, “That’s because there is no such thing as bad weather...only bad clothing”. Ever since gaining that life altering piece of knowledge and shifting our mindset, we can be found outside enjoying all sorts of weather! Hi, my name is Jodi. I am about all things organic! You will usually find me in one of four places doing one of four things: 1) I love love love my kitchen​! I enjoy cooking​ and baking all sorts of organic foods for my boys and keeping them well nourished. 2) I like to hide sit in my herb​ ​garden and get drunk on the smell of rosemary, lavender, thyme, mint, sage and oregano! Any excuse I can find to slip away and be with my herbs! 3) Surrounded by books in my “study”. Whether I am writing​ one or reading one, curled up by the wood stove with a good book satisfies the geek within me. 4) You will rarely find me without my camera at an arm’s length away. I love photographing​ my son and documenting all of our travels in my travel blog: In my previous life, before becoming a stay at home mother, I worked at Tufts University in Boston, MA as an Exercise Physiologist and clinical researcher. That career path set the foundation for me to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and continues me on my journey to wellbeing, reminding me that health is not simply the absence of disease. My husband Christian, (a talented lad who also happens to be a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine), having endured a lifelong corporate career is looking forward to breaking away from the monotonous routine of commuting and sitting at a desk all day long. He is excited at the prospect of living a simpler and more wholesome life and investing his energy into the things that matter most. Christian is looking forward to reconnecting to the Earth, to nature, to becoming more grounded, to help others heal. Instead of just being a weekend warrior, Christian is looking forward to learning about rearing sheep, raising poneys, and playing in the dirt on a more regular basis. With pitchfork in hand, “Farmer Potatoes”, as I and our son Tristan affectionately refer to him, will enjoy more time in the vegetable patch. He is looking forward to learning about the Irish whiskey making process and inviting knowledgeable local representatives for presentations and tastings. Christian is a social creature by nature and is eager to receive guests and ensure that during their visit, all of their expectations are exceeded. Last, but certainly not least, is our son Tristan, a vivacious eleven year old with enough spirit and spunk to save the world. He is about all things fishing! Whenever we travel, he figures out how to pack a rod, reel, and tackle box into every suitcase and manages to squeeze in a fishing trip no matter how cold the weather or how short the trip. Isn’t that right Karen and Eddie? (They can personally attest to this!). He is a beekeeper. He raises chickens and ducks...the more exotic the better. He spends the winters glossing over organic seed catalogs and dreaming of his veggie garden in the spring. Like his mother, he enjoys a good book. He also likes nature walks, cooking, playing the violin, identifying mushrooms, riding dirt bikes with his mum and dad, board games, and fishing...did I mention fishing? Tristan is looking forward to meeting new friends, especially ones with whom he can go fishing! It is our sincerest desire that while we as a family gain precious valuable time together, we also create a very special space for people to come and visit and, whether they realize it in the moment or heal. We are here to create something special for you so, if you are travelling on a solitary journey, as a couple, a family, or with a larger tour group, during your stay you are sure to experience the rituals of life’s simple pleasures. We have some pretty big shoes to fill, but are confident that with the friendship and support of Karen and Eddie, we will, with respect and care, continue the mission that they started. We too look to welcoming guests who will want to come back time and again to Ballaghboy Lodge Farm. Warmly, Jodi, Christian, and Tristan Connors

We are also delighted to announce that in April 2010 Ballaghboy Lodge Farm was awarded 'Best Places to stay in Britain and Ireland' by the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Please take a few moments to look at our Gallery to give you a taste of life on our farm, our accommodation and environment.  Before choosing our farm for your holiday please note that we do have animals and associated farm noises. We look forward to meeting you at Ballaghboy Lodge Farm.

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